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Sermon Notes and Podcast- 2011
03-13-11  Don Belt               Breaking the Chains                      Listen               Listen              Read
08-07-11  Mike Smith           The Real Transformers                    Listen               Listen             Read
08-14-11  Mike Smith           Armor of God                             Listen               Listen             Read
05-15-11  Mike Smith           Cast Your Burdens                        Listen               Listen             Read
06-05-11  Mike Smith           The Door: Blessing & Anointing           Listen               Listen             Read
06-26-11  Mike Smith           Anointed to Love                         Listen               Listen             Read
07-03-11  Mike Smith           America's Historical Subversion          Listen               Listen             Read
07-10-11  Mike Smith           Breaking Generational Curses             Listen               Listen             Read
07-17-11  Mike Smith           Prayer and Fasting                       Listen               Listen             Read
07-20-11  Duane Vander Klok    Building Faith Dispel Fear               Listen               Listen             Read
07-24-11  Mike Smith           Baptism                                  Listen               Listen              Read
07-31-11  Mike Smith           Such a Time as This                      Listen               Listen              Read
08-21-11  Katie Belt           Walking In His Joy                       Listen               Listen            Read
01-02-11  Mike Smith            Building the Kingdom One Person at a Time      L isten                Listen             Read
02-20-11  Mike Smith           Undeer His Winds: Prosperity             Listen                Listen             Read
02-27-11  Mike Smith           Undeer His Winds: Prosperity II          Listen                Listen             Read
03-20-11  Mike Smith           We Are Family!                           Listen                Listen             Read
05-01-11  Mike Smith           In My Name                               Listen               Listen             Read
05-29-11  Mike Smith           The Door: Step by Step                   Listen               Listen             Read
05-22 -11  Mike Smith           Church Assembly Required                 Listen               Listen             Read
08-28-11  Don Belt             Why Grow Up                              Listen               Listen             Read

04-10-11  Mike Smigh           We are Life Song                         Listen                Listen             Read

09-04-11  Mike Smith           Praying in Tongues                       Listen               Listen              Read

09-11-11  Mike Smith           Anniversary Service                      Listen              Listen             Read

09-18-11  Mike Smith           Manifesting the Gifts of the Spirit      Listen              Listen            Read


10-02-11  Mike Smith           Stewardship Taking Care of Business Ser1 Listen              Listen            Read

09-25-11  Mike Smith           Seed Time and Harvest Time               Listen              Listen            Read

04-17-11  Mike Smith           Praise to Evil Persuasion                 Listen                Listen             Read

04-24-11  Mike Smith           Cross Power                              Listen                Listen             Read

05-08-11  Mike Smith           Mohters Day: A Present for Mom           Listen              Listen             Read

06-12-11  Mike Smith           The Door: Anointing                      Listen              Listen             Read

06-19-11  Don Belt             Fathers Day                              Listen               Listen             Read
Sermon Notes and Podcast- 2011
Sermon Notes and Podcast- 2011



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